Time To Research And Reserve: April Edition Of Campfire Travel Has Been Launched

Campfire Travel, headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, recently published their April edition of Campfire Travel. Featuring four popular states where many readers like to explore the great outdoors, including Colorado, Alabama, Kentucky, and Virginia, the eMagazine is very popular with those who love to camp as well as those who like to explore options before braving the great outdoors. “Now is the perfect time to research and reserve popular campgrounds and RV resorts, and check out the latest gear. We are delighted to provide a full service for all camping enthusiasts through Campfire Travel to share their experiences,” said David Hall of Chedall LLC.

This month, a feature on Tasmania helps anyone thinking of exploring farther afield to learn more about the Tasmanian Devil, complete with a video and where to go to see this rare, endangered species.

Those who have not gone camping for a while, or have never gone camping, will be very interested in a feature highlighting “Six Great Reasons to Make Your Next Vacation a Camping Trip”. Food lovers will love the April edition as it features some scrumptious recipes to enjoy real, healthy food while camping. There’s no need to rely on freeze-dried packs or tinned food to get through the days, they only have to pick up the ingredients, and a few treats, to make lasting memories.

The Campfire Travel magazine is designed to be read on any device, with links to games and videos to make the most of travel time. Readers may also enter competitions to share their experiences with the world—they are easy to enter and give readers the opportunity to win a free 2-day vacation stay. With a choice of three competitions to enter, anyone over the age of 18 can put all their trivia knowledge and favorite photos to good use for a chance to win. There is even a competition for those who love to text coming soon, so now is the time to hone witty repartee by SMS.

“Camping has always been popular, and we want to make it easy for everyone looking to explore the great outdoors to get real information easily, wherever they are, whenever they have time,” said Hall. Even children often go away to summer camp as their first ‘away from family’ experience, which often helps build self-confidence in a safe environment.

There are many health benefits to camping, in addition to its ability to create bonds through working together, planning, preparation and learning new practical skills. Many find that camping provides the best recreation oriented activities for a much-needed break from work, study, and other responsibilities.

Campfire Travel has a special edition for dog owners who want to bring their pets along to enjoy the great outdoors. Although taking pets on a camping vacation requires more preparation, there is no doubt that the memories made will last a lifetime. The eMagazine page provides access to both current and back issues for both titles, making it easy to bookmark it for further exploration.

For travelers of all kinds, now is the best time to reserve spots for summer camping trips, and Campfire Travel’s main website provides an extensive search facility to specify a camper’s precise needs to find and receive a quote for their desired location. The range of available criteria run the gamut through tiny houses, cabins, full hookups, pull throughs and many more based on location. Directions to each campground and RV resort can also be downloaded for convenience, making sure all the information a traveler would need is readily available at their fingertips, even on the go.

Additionally, the website provides links to help readers connect with Campfire Travel on social media, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Visitors can also access Campfire TV from the website, which provides the videos featured in past editions of the eMagazine, including features on awesome gear, tips, and those unwritten rules that every camper should know. Through the website, Campfire Travel’s growing community of travelers provide the inside scoop on locations, helping others create their own fun-loving holiday, and great memories, of their own.

Campfire Travel is a free to read, online magazine and full-service website. Those who wish to learn more or browse the magazine only have to visit the website to be granted access to its vast knowledge. Interested parties may also get in touch with David Hall of Chedall LLC to follow up on any inquiries.