RezExpert Launches New Campground Website

Global reservation and property management software provider DigitalRez has announced the launch of their new RezExpert Campground Reservation software website at This software website comes with a wealth of important features and modules that are vital to the campground industry, providing opportunities to improve overall management of the campgrounds. A free demo is also available through the website.

"DigitalRez is a company dedicated to customer service in the development, provision and servicing of the business technology requirements for the camping industry," explains Kevin Hall from DigitalRez. "With software solutions specifically designed to be fully integrated, easy to use and extremely reliable, we can cater to campgrounds of all types and sizes."

Some of the most important features included in the RezExpert system are meters, online reservations, mapping, a branded app, credit card processing, automated emails, POS, reputation management, and a housekeeping module. Furthermore, it comes with central management, CRM features, periodic billing, the ability to manage multiple resorts from a single database, batch printing, membership management,

a maintenance module, dynamic reporting, automated billing, and IP security.

According to DigitalRez, what makes the system powerful and easy to use is the grid interface that looks like the familiar calendar. Kevin Hall says: "RezExpert is the most advanced Java based property management system in the world. The grid can switch between properties with numbers in each cell representing inventory. Easily switch to the individual unit view for listing by each unit within the property. RezExpert also provides right click functionality for shortcut access for speeding up property management access."

To gain a much better understanding of the role that the RezExpert software can play in the management of campgrounds and other elements of the hospitality sector, the company will be happy to provide a free demo of the RezExpert campground management system. This introduces prospective clients to the grid interface, while simultaneously showing them the different features that are included and how these can benefit them. It is highly recommended that people take advantage of this demo so that they can see firsthand what RezExpert is all about.