RezExpert Launches Mining And B&B Website

DigitalRez, a digital reservation solutions business with offices around the world, has announced that they have launched the mining and bed & breakfast property management system websites. The said websites are now live for clients to view. The RezExpert system which is featured at, has a variety of features and modules to offer for the industry.

Kevin Hall, the spokesperson for DigitalRez, says: "We have launched the definitive mining property management system. As always, the system is based fully on our unique grid, which looks like the familiar calendar and brings everything together. We have also ensured that the system includes all modules and features that B&B and property management businesses could need."

DigitalRez dedicates itself to customer service and to creating business technology requirements for a variety of industries, to which the mining industry is now added. Their software solutions are known for their reliability, integration, and user-friendliness. Businesses of all sizes have already benefited from the DigitalRez systems.

The new websites include a number of important modules and features. These include automated emails, 

alerts, occupancy logs, a branded app, housekeeping, batch printing, access control, document management, and credit card processing. Furthermore, it offers analytics, GL mapping, events, data mining, auto-optimization, employee end of shift, the ability for the system to work across multiple facilities, membership management, a maintenance module, dynamic pace reporting, inventory management, CRM features, a night audit, automated billing, and a security setup. Essentially, the system can help to manage every element of a mining and B&B business.

"It's all in the grid," explains Kevin Hall. "We have the most advanced Java based property management system in the world. Utilizing a powerful, easy to use grid interface that replicates the familiar calendar. The grid can switch between properties with numbers in each cell representing inventory. Easily switch to the individual unit view for listing by each unit within the property."

Furthermore, DigitalRez allows shortcut access through right-click functionality. This ensures that clients can have quicker access to their property management features. Interested parties are encouraged to visit for further information and to request a free live demo of the system.