Newly Redesigned Campfire Travel Website Launched

Chedall LLC, the publisher of an online magazine for recreational vehicle (RV) and camping enthusiasts everywhere, has announced that they have recently launched the redesigned website for Campfire Travel. Specifically, they have added a Competitions page for competitions offered through the e-magazine and the State Focus page where people would be able to browse through the previous monthly issues of the e-magazine. The states that were the focus for each month are also indicated.

David Hall from Chedall says, "We would like to welcome everyone to the new Campfire Travel e-magazine. We bring fun, entertainment and news to RV and Camping enthusiasts everywhere. Each month we will focus on four or five states across North America. In the redesigned website, we have added a page dedicated to the competitions that we offer to our readers and where they can win great prizes. Also, we have added the State Focus page where readers can browse past issues with the states that are the focus of each particulars issue are indicated for the convenience of the readers."

David continues, "Campgrounds and RV resorts will also be showcased. In each edition, we will also have $1,000 worth of vacations and prizes to win. All competitions are free to enter. There are four photo competitions, trivia and SMS to name a few to keep you busy each month."

The Campfire Travel e-magazine has been specifically designed for reading on a tablet but David says that they will soon be introducing a mobile phone specific app that takes advantage of the key features of a mobile phone to provide information and allow readers to have fun and possibly win some prizes.

David points out that the mobile phone apps they will be releasing will have embedded games for both children and adults that they can enjoy while on their camping journey. They will also be adding a Campground and RV Resort finder and directory to allow readers to look for that special place where they can go camping.

The Campfire Travel e-magazine provides all kinds of information that would be of interest to camping and RV enthusiasts. For instance, the e-magazine has a page on camping activities or those things that campers may 

enjoy doing while they are out camping. These include fishing; playing Frisbee; wildlife identification; geocaching, which is an outdoor treasure hunt that makes use of GPS technology to find those hidden containers or caches that were placed there by some other geocacher; and camping activities for kids, such as swimming, biking, bird and animal-watching, scavenger hunts, and building a campfire.

The Campfire Travel e-magazine also has posted several articles that offer camping tips. One article focuses on the basics of enjoying a camp when using an RV. Another article provides a beginner's guide on how to camp. Another article describes how to remain warm and well hydrated while winter camping. And still another article discusses how to set up an RV at an RV campground.

Another important section that is provided by the Campfire Travel e-magazine are recipes for food and dishes that people are likely to enjoy while they are on camping trips. These include coffee recipes, breakfast shakshouka, cowboy hot dogs, pinnacles scramble, lime and pepper grilled chicken breasts, pressed Italian sandwiches, Alabama firecrackers, and huevos rancheros con bacon.

Still another important section of the Campfire Travel e-magazine is the one focused on gears and equipment that be helpful for RV and camping enthusiasts. One essential category is made up of RV accessories, such as LED bulbs for the interior of RV campers; a three-port USB cigarette lighter and charger; and a reflective door window cover.

And then the Campfire Travel e-magazine offers recommendations on what attractions to go to in a particular state. For instance, in New Hampshire, these include the Bear Brook State Park, in New York these include the Allegany State Park, in Ohio these include the Alum Creek State Park, in Rhode Island these include the Beavertail State Park, and in Maryland, these include the Gunpowder Falls State Park.

Those who want more information about RVs and camping or who want to make a suggestion can contact Chedall through their website at or call them on the phone.