New Developments Regarding Campfire Travel Magazine Announced

DigitalRez, a business with offices in Barbados, Canada, and Australia, and owner of the Campfire Travel online magazine has announced new developments involving the online magazine and its e-magazine app for recreational vehicle (RV) and camping enthusiasts. These include the photo competition, SMS competition, and trivia competition. Thousands of dollars worth of prizes and vacation stays are at stake in these competitions.

Kevin Hall, managing director of DigitalRez, has this to say, “We are happy to announce new developments regarding our Campfire Travel online magazine and e-magazine app. We would like to invite RV and camping enthusiasts to join our various competitions. We feature articles focusing on select states on our monthly Campfire Travel e-magazine. First on the list is the Trivia competition. Our trivia selects questions based on each state focus. Next up is the SMS competition. All you need is a mobile phone and your wits to be a winner. Finally, there is our Photo Competition. Do you like taking photos while on your vacation? Choose from 1 of 5 categories and send your images in with a chance to win. You can win a 2-day vacation stay by joining one of our 3 competitions.”

The Campfire Travel e-magazine is designed to provide fun, entertainment and news that are of interest to RV and camping enthusiasts all over the world. Every month, the e-magazine focuses on four or five states across North America. For the month of June 2019, the e-magazine focuses on the US states of Delaware, Maine, South Dakota, and Massachusetts. For Australia, the focus is on North Queensland.

Each month, the Campfire Travel e-magazine features 3 competitions: trivia competition, SMS competition, and the photo competition. For the photo competition, one entry is composed of one image. The best photograph will be chosen by Campfire Travel after which they will notify the winner. Those interested can enter as many competitions as they want but they can only enter each competition once. Winners are announced at the end of each month and the winning photos will be published on the Campfire Travel website. At stake are free vacation 

getaways at campgrounds and RV resorts, Amazon gift vouchers, mobile phones, cameras and more.

The trivia competition will give participants the chance to win a free 3-night camping stay. People can enter this competition by using the Campfire Travel e-magazine app. They will need to go to the trivia competition page in the e-magazine and the winner from all those that qualified to enter will be drawn on the last day of each month. However, entries need to be in by the 20th of the month.

The SMS competition is a scratch and win game on the mobile phone where the participants can win a free 3-day camping stay in a camping ground or RV resort. All participants will need to enter the competition through the SMS form that is provided. Each person can only enter once through a personal mobile phone number.

For camping enthusiasts who are also dog lovers, there is also a Campfire Travel e-magazine for dog owners. It offers various tips on how to take care of their dogs while camping. For the June 2019 edition of the e-magazine for dog owners, articles include tips for camping with their dog, taking care of the dog while camping, and making DIY homemade dog food.

The Campfire Travel online magazine offers helpful information on all things about camping. These include camping activities, camping tips, recipes, equipment, and Campfire Travel TV, which allows people to view camping and RV related videos for their entertainment. People can also submit their videos that they want to be featured on Campfire Travel TV. It allows them to share their experiences with other camping enthusiasts.

The Campfire Travel e-magazine also includes embedded games for both children and adults to keep them entertained during their camping journey. Those who need more information about the Campfire Travel e-magazine can visit their website or contact them on the phone or via email.