May Update To RezExpert Software Released By DigitalRez

DigitalRez, a software and services company working in the hospitality management industry, has announced a new update to their flagship software product RezExpert. DigitalRez recently published the May Update for their RezExpert reservation platform. DigitalRez helps thousands of companies manage and efficiently run their businesses, and the update brings new features and functionality to RezExpert’s large scope of functionality.

To better serve their clients, RezExpert releases an update bulletin for their clients every month outlining any relevant updates, fixes, and upcoming services. In the May 2019 bulletin, the company is excited to announce that a new employee notification feature will be available. Employees will receive a pop-up dashboard when they first clock in that notifies them of various statuses within the company. RezExpert is especially excited for this feature as it is a great communication tool that can be useful in any professional setting.

The software company also published its new email log baseline interface in the May 2019 newsletter. This interface allows companies who choose this feature to track, read, and update the statuses of their emails. Similar to the employee notification feature, the email log baseline interface allows companies to foster more efficient communication skills.

Designed for a wide range of business models and types, RezExpert is able to accommodate hotels, campgrounds, bed & breakfasts, marinas, condos, resorts, and much more. The software services offered by the company are developed and run using the most efficient web and security protocols, which means that RezExpert’s clients can enjoy the highest level of speed and functionality while being assured that any sensitive information is kept secure.

The software company provides various services that help businesses manage reservations, tours, rentals, golf tee times, and much more to small and large companies alike. Due to the wide range of services offered, and the company’s diverse client population, RezExpert relies on a business model that encourages its customers to select particular services that best help them progress towards total efficiency. This characteristic of RezExpert saves their clients from having to pay for extra, unwanted services, and allows them to focus on software aspects that benefit their efficiency and customer outreach instead.

Although RezExpert encourages their clients to only buy software services they will fully utilize, the company understands that its clients are still investing a significant amount of money in order to better their business model. In order to respect that investment, RezExpert offers free demonstrations to both potential and current clients. These demonstrations are provided so the software company’s clients can fully understand the capabilities and limitations of each service. RezExpert's professionals are always on call to answer any questions regarding any of the platform's features and will work closely with their clients to quickly solve any issues or incidents with their interfaces. “We have been using the software for over 10 years in this business,” says Dan J. of Sydney Backpackers. “Rob and his staff were always helpful in supporting our inquiries with prompt responses.”

The software systems offered by RezExpert are often utilized by resort networks, revenue sharing properties, managed communities, and other large, complex companies. In order to help these types of entities save money and steer them in the right direction in terms of service, RezExpert offers various modules that offer a multitude of services. From online bookings to map reservations, the RezExpert modules provide services for almost any type of business.

In the event a module does not have a certain desired feature, the software company also gives their clients the choice to add on more specific modules such as mobile apps, ticketing software, promo codes, and much more. In addition to this, clients are able to select even simpler add-on features that make daily life in the office easier; Auto emails, right-click functionality, batch printing, cancel policies, security, deposit systems, and much more are available as needed. Given that companies are not locked into long-term contracts, RezExpert's clients can rest assured that they won’t be stuck with a service that does not fully benefit their business model for an extended period of time.

For a full list of all the upcoming and newly released features and modules, as well as various fixes in the current services, check out the RezExpert May 2019 newsletter. To browse a full list of the services offered, or learn more about the programs and contract lengths involved with RezExpert, contact Kevin Hall of DigitalRez or visit the company’s main website.