Major Release Of Rez Robot Allocated Inventory System

Barbados, West Indies, April 15, 2002 - Completion of a major release of The Robot Allocated Inventory System Announced

Barbados, West Indies - April 15, 2002

Digital Rez International (DRI) announced the completion of a major release of its Rez Robot Allocated Inventory System to be used by ISP's, Tourism Bureaus, Travel Wholesalers and Internet Travel Portals.

"Rez Robot has received a whole new interface", stated Ken Lahoda, CEO of Digital Rez International. "This improvement represents a significant step forward in benefitting Web-based systems and call centers that require real time fulfilment of reservations for wholesalers and tourism related sites."

DRI launched the system on its Holiday Guide International portal to demonstrate how similar operations could benefit from implementing the system.

"In the 4th quarter of 2002, we will have an online, XML based reservation API for Rez Robot published and ready for rollout", Lahoda continued. "Once development of the API is completed, Web-based travel systems will be able to attach or create their own travel information interfaces to front-end our back office data structure, functionality and user base. This will put every Digital Rez client in the position to be able to allocate and control inventory to multiple travel Web sites and manage it from their own front desks."

DRI expects to have 5 operations using the new online system by May 2002 including VIP BackPackers, Tourism Victoria, Virtual Vernon, Sun Peaks and Holiday Guide International. The company reports high interest in the "out of the box" application package. Predictions are for more than 30 major systems to be sold before year's end.