DigitalRez Releases June Update To RezExpert Software

DigitalRez, an international property management and reservation service company, is pleased to announce that the June Update for their flagship software platform, RezExpert, is now live. The company states that the latest major updates include easier group management, group bulk rate editing, additional functionality for corporate reservations, and a number of bug fixes to ensure that the system continues to run smoothly and efficiently.

“Our latest June update adds more functionality while making group reservations. Users can now filter and sort out their reservation list to select group reservations for easier monitoring, management, and tracking of group reservations. We have also added the Group Bulk Rate Editing where users now have the ability to collectively override a group reservation. This will allow users to quickly override the rates associated within a group reservation and easily assign a daily rate to multiple reservations within the reservation for the desired time frame the rate is for,” says Kevin Hall from DigitalRez Barbados. Furthermore RezExpert now features the Corporate Reservation functionality that allows users to either add an existing reservation associated with the same business client or add a new reservation directly into the group. Some other notable updates include an improved email log dashboard, periodic billing interface, and the latest round of bug fixes.

Designed to accommodate various types of businesses, RezExpert offers an all-in-one reservation solution for hotels, campgrounds, bed & breakfasts, marinas, condos, resorts, and more. DigitalRez, the company behind the RezExpert reservation platform, states that the system was developed using the latest web and security protocols to provide property management functions that can even be utilized in condominiums and multi-resort networks. “The RezExpert system boasts a rich and dynamic setup interface to satisfy even the most complex and demanding businesses. It can accomodate length and width sensitive units, multiple vehicle types, yield management, channel connections, unique lodge and experience packaging ideal for tours, rentals, golf tee times, and a wide range of other verticals,” says Hall.

RezExpert also features various functions that can be customized depending on the nature of the business. It includes batch printing to allow users to print a report for multiple clients all at once just by selecting the desired clients. It also has an auto-email feature that allows a business to customize and schedule emails sent to customers prior to check-in (or after check-out), and right click functionality to quickly access certain options. 

Some other notable features include reservation calculation/recalculation, setting of time periods, document upload, cancellation policies, configuration of deposit policies, security deposit, minimum/maximum days, GL Mapping, and much more.

The platform also comes with a number of customizable modules and functionalities that can be added to the software, depending on the user’s requirements. It has a maintenance module that allows businesses to set up customized electronic maintenance checklists, incorporates real-time task management and monitoring, and even tracks task completion time down to the minute. Users can also avail themselves of The RezExpert eGuestConnect App, which is a fully branded App. It also includes RezExpert Ticketing Module, which is highly customizable and allows businesses to sell tickets and registration. Other modules include the Promo Code module, RezExpert internal reputation management module, and RezExpert Timeshare Management Module.

With offices in Canada, Barbados, and Australia, DigitalRez is considered one of the leading suppliers of software, support, and systems to the worldwide accommodation, camping, and charter industries since 1993. The reliability of the RezExpert system is also attested by many of its current users across the globe.

Ashley M., in a Google review, said, “Our experience with RezExpert has been a 5-star experience. From the very first day, support and education were excellent. The technicians are so patient and knowledgeable; it made the transition a very easy one. The system is everything they said it would be and more, and that makes it so easy to train any new employees. Thanks for making our lives easier.”

Another satisfied client, Monica F., said, “Overall, RezExpert is a wonderful program. The Rez team is constantly working hard to upgrade and improve the many features available to us, the users. I love that we are now able to send marketing emails before and after a reservation. It's got to be one of my favorite upgrades so far.”

Complete details about RezExpert can be found on the company’s website. Interested parties may also connect with the DigitalRez through their official social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram to stay up to date with their latest news and important announcements.