DigitalRez Announces That RezExpert Has Been Updated

Kevin Hall, Managing Director of DigitalRez which is a reservation management software company, announces that their primary reservation software has undergone a major update. Their primary software, RezExpert, is marketed as the complete reservation management system. It now offers features such as booking access restriction, analytics, and a client search dialog.

DigitalRez has been operating for 23 years, starting with desktop-based reservations and has upgraded to browser-based. In the last 10 years, they have added an app that makes booking reservations even easier for their clients’ customers. Their clients get up-to-the-minute updates on their reservations, dynamic reporting, dynamic pricing, and an integrated point of sale system that works with their existing software.

When approached about this announcement, Kevin Hall had this comment to share, “We are a business-to-business company that focuses on creating a seamless experience between our clients and their customers. It can be frustrating for both parties when a reservation was booked on their website but didn’t come through the system in time or at all. We just want to make sure that our clients are able to provide a great experience that results in repeat business for them.”

Research shows that many consumers who have bad experiences would leave bad reviews and never give that company their business again. The software assists their clients to help manage this situation to turn a negative experience into something positive through the Customer Review portal which allows the customer to leave reviews internally and thus can be dealt with before it becomes an overall bad experience.

Tamela Guyette, a DigitalRez and RezExpert client, had this to say about her experience with the company, “When asked by other companies to change my reservation system, I emphatically answer no. I enjoy using this program for my campground needs. The others seem to want to charge more for a program that has too many features that I don't need. Yall call at least once a month to see if we are having any issues with our program. That is wonderful, and I hope you keep it up. Most of our issues have been resolved and any that haven't, I know there is someone working on it. Outstanding Tech Support!”

RezExpert is a reservation management system that automates the reservation and booking system for 

clients. It offers reservation recalculation automatically when a reservation is changed - while some systems require a manual adjustment for changes. It also facilitates credit card processing and meter billing, a convenient feature for both the client and their customers. Additionally, customized policies can be integrated with the booking system, rather than relying on general algorithms. The client can set the minimum and maximum for stays - such as for hotels, or the minimum days in advance that a reservation must be made - such as for restaurants. Business owners interested in learning more can visit the main website.

Katrina Green utilized the update in beta before it was launched and shared her transition in this review, “We were very apprehensive about upgrading from old ROS to the new RezExpert, but the whole process went very smoothly. The ongoing support and training that we receive is greatly appreciated. It is hard to believe that we took so long to make the decision to change - RezExpert is so much faster and efficient.”

The new RezExpert update offers many new features for the benefit of their clients and their customers alike. In addition to the booking access restriction, clients can also set up an event that only permits specified members to book or make a reservation for specific dates and times. This is accompanied by the addition of a membership log that tracks reservations that were created for a specific customer.

Amy Smith was hesitant to switch to an online reservation system but was guided by a friendly team member at DigitalRez. This was the experience she was glad to share, “Blaine is so helpful. After 3 years we decided to move to the online system. Blaine took his time and made sure that every question I had was answered. He was so kind calm and helpful as I stumbled my way through the process. Highly recommend DigitalRez and the fantastic customer service.”

DigitalRez and RezExpert also offers detailed data reports that allow the business to create financial records based on the reservation data. With the analytics feature in the new update, businesses can sort their data in a variety of ways, including rate group, source, location, promo code, and even marketing type. This allows businesses to track their marketing and advertising in order to determine which sources are the most effective.