DigitalRez Announces February Update To Rez Expert Software

DigitalRez recently released a new update to its RezExpert Software with a number of new features. RezExpert is a property management system made for a number of different business verticals, developed using the latest web and security protocols and manages reservation and property management functions for a wide range of business types from Hotels, Campgrounds, B&B's, Marinas and Condos to Multi-resort networks, and many others.

The RezExpert system is characterized by rich dynamic setup interfaces made to satisfy more complex businesses such as managed communities, resort networks, and owner revenue sharing properties. The system can accommodate length and width sensitive units, multiple vehicle types, yield management, channel connections, unique lodge and experience packaging for tours, rentals, golf tee times, and a wide range of other verticals.

Those with more than one business that requires reservation or property management services can make use of RezExpert to make low cost, low risk buying decisions with no long term contracts and free demonstrations.

RezExpert has a batch printing function which allows users to print reports for multiple clients all at once simply by selecting the desired recipients. This function will allow users to save time and money by making the process of printing reports faster and easier. RezExpert also offers an Auto Emails function that allows businesses to customize and schedule emails sent to customers prior to check-in or after check-out. The system’s right-click functionality feature makes it possible to access additional options quickly for a selected reservation using the right click button on a mouse or track-pad, enabling greater ease of use.

The software features a reservation recalculation function, allowing for the recalculation of the cost of a reservation whenever a change is made—for example, if the reservation is extended or shortened. The system also includes meter billing, which allows users to configure unlimited meters in RezExpert to ensure that meter charges can automatically post to a client’s reservation or Accounts Receivable. Credit card 

processing provides users with the ability to integrate multiple credit card processors or gateways to ensure that RezExpert remains ‘out of scope’ for PCI compliance. It also allows users to process end of shift cut-offs, with each employee making payments into the system performing an End of Day cut off and balance.

The system enables users to set up various discount levels accepted at the business, enabling users to set unique labels for each discount and track their usage for every reservation. RezExpert can auto-optimize users’ inventories at a type base level to maximize their revenue, often by 5% or more. RezExpert keeps all information pertaining to clients in an Oracle database hosted in the Amazon Cloud environment using the latest Java technology, the use of which allows the system to work at almost any scale with no issue.

RezExpert provides these features, among many others, and the recent update contains a number of functions and features aimed at making the management of reservations as simple, convenient, and easy as possible. More information on the system and its many functions can be found on the company’s main website. The site goes into detail regarding how the system works, what it can do, and how appropriate personnel can be contacted in the event there are any issues.

RezExpert’s customer service department and the system itself have received a number of positive reviews from users in the time that it has been in operation. “Blaine is so helpful. After 3 years we decided to move to the online system. Blaine took his time and made sure that every question I had was answered. He was so kind, calm, and helpful as I stumbled my way through the process. I highly recommend DigitalRez and their fantastic customer service,” said a pleased client.

“An all round positive experience! The staff are very helpful and knowledgeable and always respond promptly,” said another customer. RezExpert has seen use in a large variety of fields, and provides a flexible, multi-use system that provides tools for every occasion. Interested parties may contact Kevin Hall of DigitalRez, or visit the company’s website to learn more about DigitalRez and RezExpert.