Campfire Travel Celebrates Release Of 7th Edition Of E-Magazine

Campfire Travel, an international company that seeks to reignite the public’s passion for camping and outdoor experiences, is celebrating the launch of the 7th edition of their E-Magazine, which is now available on their main website. The E-Magazine is published with the intention of bringing fun, entertainment, and news to RV and Camping enthusiasts everywhere, centered in one convenient place.

The 7th edition of the Campfire travel E-Magazine was published July 1st. It features a selection of camping and fishing tips for those living in, or visiting, five US states. The magazine’s highlights include coverage of several local attractions in the state of Connecticut, including natural attractions that camping enthusiasts are sure to find alluring. The other states covered include New Jersey, North Dakota, and Washington DC.

The company made an effort to include different locations that appeal to individuals with a variety of interests, covering hiking, exploring, and biking, along with recommendations and guidelines for readers to follow so that that may ensure their own safety during their travels. Kevin Hall, a spokesperson for the company, states, “While there are many places we can feature in each edition of our magazine, we always try to keep it varied. Our goal is to encourage the community to explore their own beautiful state, which has a lot to offer in terms of memorable views and locations where they can spend a couple of days away from society."

Another topic of interest for camping enthusiasts, or for those hoping to adopt the hobby of exploring the wilderness, is Campfire Travel's top tips to help campers avoid a bear attack. Campfire Travel enumerates certain preparations that explorers can take before and during their camping trips to keep wild animals at bay—and they even go over what should be done in the unfortunate event of a real bear attack. The magazine says, "While unlikely, bear attacks are an aspect that campers should be on the lookout for. There are certain measures to take which ensure the safety of campers but, of course, the best way to avoid them altogether is to stay away from zones that bears inhabit at certain times of the year."

The new edition of Campfire Travel’s E-Magazine also comes packed with various contests in which readers can win exciting prizes, a staple feature of each monthly release. The prize pool includes $1,000 worth of 

vacations and prizes, effectively funding a lucky family's exciting excursion into the outdoors. All competitions are free to enter, and all those who read the E-Magazine are welcome to participate.

There are three different competitions. The most popular and exciting contest is their photo competition, which has four different subcategories where participants must submit photos with different themes and environments. The magazine says that this encourages exploration and family travel, as the theme for a given month can be Family Photo, Best Dog Camping Picture, and so on, which encourages competitors to be creative in their pursuit of the perfect photograph.

The winning pictures are showcased on Campfire Travel's website, in addition to their monthly magazine. Campfire Travel affirms that the copyright for each photo always remains with the original photographer, and entries will not be monetized in anyway.

For enthusiasts who may not be able to travel due to unforeseen circumstances, Campfire Travel also rewards knowledge through their trivia and SMS competitions. They say, "We understand not everyone will be able to make these trips every month. Therefore, we have developed other competitions they can participate in and still compete for prizes. We have designed each of our competitions so that every participant has an equal chance to win."

Camping lovers from all across the US are welcome to participate in these competitions, and joining is an easy endeavor for everyone. The prizes include free vacation getaways, stays at renowned RV resorts and campgrounds, Amazon gift vouchers, cameras, mobile phones, and other items that can complement an outdoor experience.

For more information regarding Campfire Travel's E-Magazines, their different competitions, and products, interested parties may visit the company website. They may also connect with the company through their official Facebook and Twitter accounts to stay up to date with the magazine’s latest news, offers, and announcements.