Campfire Travel Announces New Competitions For Summer

Campfire Travel, an online camping magazine that is headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, has announced that they have just released information regarding their newest camping competitions. The magazine provides a wealth of information, resources and contests for camping enthusiasts.

David Hall, a representative for the magazine says, “We have a special 2 day camping competition that is great for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. We are excited to bring these contests to our readers and hope that everyone will take the time to read through our magazine and learn more about our upcoming events.

Hall states that the magazine regularly offers contests as well as basic information for those who enjoy camping in tents or RVs. He states that the online magazine includes advice and informative tips for those who are new to camping or those who are seasoned campers.

Hall adds that there are multiple contests for interested readers to enter, including the two night stay contest, the details of which can be seen on YouTube. Hall states that the magazine recently filmed and uploaded a competition video to their official YouTube channel that gives all of the needed information for their current contest.

“Anyone who wants to learn more about our regular contests can also visit us on our site where we share information about all of the events that we have coming up,” says Hall. “We always try to provide information, resources and tips for camping enthusiasts that we feel will help them in some way.”

Hall says that they have loads of information in the online magazine about places where campers may want to visit. The magazine regularly features special spots that they feel will provide a positive camping experience for readers. He adds that their contests provide the opportunity to win valuable prizes, such as a free stay in a designated campground and other items.

Hall adds that the magazine has also released their latest edition, which is filled with more information about the upcoming contests and other resources for campers. He states that those who are interested can visit the magazine online to read through their current and past issues. The online magazine has published numerous copies over the years, all of which are well received from their readers.

One reader states that the magazine helped him and his family to find, “A great place for our latest camping adventure.” Other readers agree that the magazine helps them to choose the best place for camping depending on their interests, in addition to the opportunity to win prizes through the magazine’s contests.

Those who would like to learn more can visit the online magazine on their official website for a complete list of their current contests and the prizes that will be awarded with each one. Hall states that their latest YouTube video will also help to provide more information on their latest contest and he urges those who have not yet watched the video to do so while the contest is still active.

The online magazine currently has contests that include a photo contest, SMS contest and a camping trivia competition. Information about these contests can be found on the site, with links for those who wish to learn more or who want to enter the contests.

Hall says that each new edition of the online magazine offers a look at different campgrounds and resorts for camping, as well as thousands of dollars in contest prizes for those who wish to enter. The online magazine is free to join and read. Camping enthusiasts who would like to learn more can visit the magazine online to read through any of their current or past issues and learn more about their current contests on their site or by visiting their official YouTube channel. Hall adds that all of their contests are free to join and he urges those who enjoy camping to visit them online and read more about their latest contests.