Campfire Travel Announces New Competitions And January E Magazine

Campfire Travel, headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, has announced a new round of competitions for camping enthusiasts. The company recently announced that they have a new contest available and that their January magazine edition is now available online.

David Hall, a representative for the magazine says, “We offer a wide range of contests and general information for those who love camping. Our online magazines are available and are filled with tips and advice on places to visit and some helpful tidbits that campers can use to ensure that they get the best experience possible.”

Hall says that the magazine currently has three different contests for campers to enter. These include their trivia contest, an SMS contest and a photo contest. The SMS contest is open to anyone with a mobile phone and the photo contest is available for those who love taking photos while they are camping. The photo contest includes five categories for images and the winner of each contest will receive a fun vacation.

“Campers who love getting out in nature will really want to check these contests out,” says Hall. “There is a contest for everyone and those interested can get all of the information about each one by visiting us online.”

The new January edition of their Emagazine is also now available and is filled with various articles that focus on select states and the camping amenities that they offer. The online magazine offers fun, entertainment and camping news for camping and RV enthusiasts from all over the nation. Each month they focus on four or five states in North America that offer an exciting, adventurous and scenic camping option for those who like to camp in their RVs or for those who like to rough it a bit more and prefer traditional tent camping.

Hall states that the online magazine showcases different RV resorts and campgrounds and each online magazine 

edition offers $1,000 worth of prizes, including various vacations that readers can win by entering their monthly contests. All of the contests are free to enter for readers and include a wealth of prizes and activities that camping enthusiasts are sure to enjoy.

He continues that the magazine has information for readers about joining their exclusive camping community and all of the past editions of the magazine can be read on their main website. He states that the magazine’s goal is to offer news and information to those who love camping and that there are various articles, in addition to the monthly contests. The magazine also features a section for dog owners that includes information for canine lovers and their pets.

Hall states that anyone who enjoys camping will want to join their community to gain access to even more information about camping and to interact with others that share their camping passion. The magazine includes specific information about the locations that they feature every month, including where to park and RV or where to set up a tent and all of the amenities that can be found in each location. He states that they try to make the magazine fun for all readers and states that they currently have tens of thousands of loyal readers who offer input in their community about the camping locations that have been featured in past editions.

Campfire Travel is a free to join magazine and website. Those who are interested simply have to visit the magazine’s official website and will instantly be granted access to begin reading all of their past editions and signing up for their current contests. Those who would like more information can read a free magazine example on the magazine’s website to get an idea of the types of articles that are offered in each edition. Those interested in joining the current contest can also do so on the magazine’s website. Hall states that contests are updated monthly and more about past contests and the prizes that were won can be seen in the past editions of the magazine.