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DigitalRez has been providing software, support and systems to the worldwide hotel, camping, charter and accommodation industry since 1993. Based on a philosophy of providing low-cost, real time systems underpinned by high-quality support, the company has thrived, serving more than 4,000 operations worldwide on our windows based system. Client locations include:

  • North America
  • Australia / Asia
  • New Zealand
  • United Kingdom

DigitalRez has a very broad client-base ranging from the "technology-savvy" to "tech-challenged",and serves everyone, from individual B&Bs to large resort networks requiring membership management / central reservation and property management, and everything in between combined into one easy to use package.

As a system provider to to a diverse portfolio of travel verticals from campground, RV/caravan parks, hotels and Marinas worldwide, DigitalRez provides systems and services to many leading brands in that industry thru a network of offices in British Columbia, Canada, Barbados in the Caribbean, and Brisbane, in Australia.

The RezExpert product is one of the most robust systems in the entire accommodation management industry. RezExpert is capable of processing millions of real time reservations for multiple properties and managing hundreds of thousands of member/clients accounts and thousands of simultaneous users.

Additional Services Provided by DigitalRez:

Property Management Software - The system handles all your guests, all their transactions, accounts, and feeds everything to best-of-breed accounting systems and back-office packages like Sage, Great Plains, Oracle, IBM or any system that provides secure import methodologies.

Call Center Reservation Management Systems- Central reservation and property management services to large multi-resort, member management networks using configurable membership rules, loyalty programs, virtual currency (points) accounts, live online member account interfaces, member history and itinerary management.

Online Reservation and Account Management Systems- DigitalRez provides you the capability to create your own "Expedia" or "Travelocity" style system but even goes beyond that with online member reservation rules, restricted resort search/access, online resort remuneration accounts, online client services accounts - funds, loyalty, history, upcoming reservations, cancellation policies, change policies, commission accounts, travel agent access and many other leading-edge systems. Google Earth and Google Maps are mainstays in the new DigitalRez system and the company will provide Google AdWords statistical services as well.

Client / Member Management Systems - There is nothing more important than your customers. DigitalRez provides the tools to keep your staff well informed, your clients feeling special, and the management in control. These systems provide a client-centric approach to resort and vacation management with dynamic packaging systems, billing systems and membership privileges management features unmatched in many systems.

Commission Management Systems- Travel agencies, wholesaler account management, dynamic inventory allocation management systems and real time business intelligence drives the whole RezExpert eco-system. DigitalRez provides operations the ability to establish Reciprocal Referral Networks - a new and powerful revenue-building channel where resorts and operations can interact and exchange inventory, services and track all of the disbursements which are distributed and immediately displayed in real time online account interfaces. Technical Support Services - Toll free technical support, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The DigitalRez technicians serve everyone with calm assurance that they have access to any resources in the company to ensure customer satisfaction.

Training Services - Online support portals, DigitalRez Academy, FAQ databases and webinars, Database Maintenance Services - Oracle and MS SQL Server are the main data storage platforms used. DigitalRez provides complete online hosted systems for clients who don't want to worry about expensive IT staffing issues.

Thom Gibb
Chairman of the Board
DigitalRez Group of Companies

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