Monthly Archives: December 2018

New RezExpert Software Update Brings Added Features To The System

DigitalRez, a software and services company working in the hospitality management industry, has announced a new update to their flagship software product RezExpert. The software is marketed as a complete reservation and property management system for hotels, caravan parks, marinas and multi-resorts. This new update to RezExpert brings more features and includes fixes based on […]

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DigitalRez Announces That RezExpert Has Been Updated

Kevin Hall, Managing Director of DigitalRez which is a reservation management software company, announces that their primary reservation software has undergone a major update. Their primary software, RezExpert, is marketed as the complete reservation management system. It now offers features such as booking access restriction, analytics, and a client search dialog. DigitalRez has been operating for […]

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