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RezExpert is our product!

With offices in Canada, Barbados and Australia, DigitalRez has been supplying  reservation software to the worldwide accommodation, camping and charter industries since 1993.

The simple monthly fee also include software support and maintenance. Additional modules are also available for the more complex businesses that need more features 

RezExpert is also Mac, PC and Mobile friendly, so no large outlay on enhanced equipment or servers is necessary. Most importantly RezExpert is "out-of-scope" for PCI compliance, further reducing your costs and PCI risk. 

Based on a philosophy of providing low cost, real-time reservation system underpinned by high quality support, the company has thrived and sold to more than 4,000 operations with our previous windows based software, worldwide in that time.

With the introduction of RezExpert we have restructured how we do business. We now have monthly pay-as-you-go plans and no long term contracts (30 day rolling contract).

​Please check support.rezexpert.com for quick support questions

Reservation & Property Management Software

The RezExpert reservation system is a fully hosted Software as a Service, maintained in the Amazon Cloud environment. It has a robust accounts layer for accurate real-time reports and intelligent rate pricing structures to accommodate very complex as well as simple configurations.

Above all, it is easy to train and easy to use with a dynamic, color coded grid interface. For more information visit RezExpert.com

RezExpert provides the most advanced Java, Ajax & PHP grid based property management interfaces in the world to help you manage and streamline your daily tasks.

Our hosted solution saves large Capex outlay on servers and software. There is no software to install or server licensing to purchase (unless you want your own private cloud environment).

This is the sensible low cost, yet feature rich, solution to help you make the sensible buying decision.  Read More Here...

The Worlds Most Advanced Dynamic Color Coded Grid Interface

  1. Color coded reservations
  2. Dynamic video training strip
  3. Draw a booking on the grid
  4. Easy check-in from the grid
  5. At-a-glance availability
  6. One click in-house client lists
  7. Go to any time in the future or Past
  8. One click – access “due to checkout” or
  9. One click – access “due to checkin" list
  10. View availability by unit type .. Or
  11. View availability by each unit
  12. Fully hosted web based solution
  13. Unlimited users
  14. Access from anywhere with Internet connection

New Techincal Support Website Launched

We are proud to announce the launch of our new support website at https://support.rezexpert.com. There is extensive information about RezExpert including tips & tricks, best practices and standard operating procedures regarding our software.

You can watch videos, view and print PDF documents and search for specific information. Soon you will be able to watch webinars and send screen capture videos of any issues you are having directly from your browser. We are also implementing a new SMS feature which will allow you to receive SMS messages instantly when system updates are imminent

ROS2006 Discontinued


As you may already know support for ROS2006 ends in June of 2014 . Also the tokenization process used for the online reservation system has been phased out. 

What does this mean for you?

We have partnered with 5 major Credit card processing technology companies that connect to 90% of North American Gateways and processors. These new partnerships have enabled us to integrate real-time credit card processing through our latest reservation software (RezExpert – Software as a Service).

Getting Started

Call to get started now. Someone in our dedicated sales team would be happy to get the ball rolling. Remember support for the old ROS reservation software has ended so migrating to our new RezExpert reservation software should be a priority.

If you are now ready to move to our new reservation software- Congratulations! Please call us about getting onto our live environment. If you have not had the demonstration, then Call us Now on 1-800-811-5988 or +61 7 4925-4400 (Australia) and book your appointment.

Added Benefits

RezExpert Added Benefits Free software demos are available with a fully functional test environment setup for your convenience and ongoing use.

Training Academy

A comprehensive Training Academy is being finalized and made available to you at no cost. Enroll your employees free of charge into our one-of-a-kind RezExpert Training Academy. It is lesson based, followed by a simple test and rewards. The training is regarding reservation and property management using the RezExpert reservation software with standard operating procedures.

All current ROS2006 users will receive a members only discount for the RezExpert reservation software.

+61 7 4925-4400 (Australia)

We look forward to hearing from you soon. For more information please give us a call.

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