A campground manager software needs

camping-softwareSoftware for managers of campgrounds needs to be very specific to their reservation needs.

Much of the management of an average campground is complex, much more so than many other travel verticals.

The many complexities include:

RV parking – these present unusual needs such as the size variability, length variability and need for power, sewage and water. All of these need to be tracked and billed appropriately to the client. Surcharges, tariffs and local, regional and federal laws can apply to utilities such as electricity. The Manager at a campground using software needs to be able to configure, track and report on all of these accurately.

Tenting. – Many campgrounds also offer tenting areas. These also bring many challenges. For instant if it rains heavily, some of these sites can become unusable quickly, so the campground management software needs to be flexible enough to decommission these sites and move the occupants to another site quickly, if needed.rv campground software

All reservation charges and payments must also follow the reservation if it is moved to a new site.

Many older campgrounds are struggling to keep up with growing size and power variations between the older and newer RVs and trailers that are commonly used at their campgrounds. Whether to invest more in infrastructure or not is a big issue, especially in today’s economic climate.

For this reason and because of the aging population, many campgrounds are investing in building cabins. These demand a higher price and are becoming much more attractive to a campground manager - software must keep pace.

As the industry continues to grow and revenues rise, more emphasis is being placed on accurate accounting. The correct use of the software is paramount but camping software needs to track everything accurately and report accordingly.

PCI compliancy has added to the mix of what a campground manager software needs are. Without PCI compliancy certification the campground manager risks losing their credit card merchant status.


The Worlds Most Advanced Dynamic Color Coded Grid Interface

color coded grid interface




  1. Color coded reservations
  2. Right click functionality
  3. Draw a booking on the grid
  4. Easy check-in from the grid
  5. At-a-glance availability
  6. One click in-house client lists
  7. Go to any time in the future or Past
  8. One click – access “due to checkout” or
  9. One click – access “due to checkin" list
  10. View availability by unit type .. Or
  11. View availability by each unit
  12. Split screen to view more reservation details

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